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The Powerplants that Give New Meaning to "Efficiency"

Case 8.3L (505 cu. in )
Model 9330 240 hp (179 kW)

This is the most advanced engine in its category. Its modern design features cross-flow cooling for lower operating temperatures and quicker engine response, and alternating intake and exhaust valves that prevent hot spots for extended life. The mid-stop wet sleeve design with water jacket cooling also adds to long life. A wastegate turbocharger improves low end lugging ability, while maintaining air-to-fuel ratios. The Case 8.3L is highly fuel efficient.

8.3L Engine

Cummins M11 (661 cu. in.)
Model 9350 310 hp (231 kW)

This reliable engine features four valves per cylinder (compared to two valves on most other engines in this class.) This design improves combustion for better fuel economy. Also key to fuel efficiency is the M11 engine’s large-diameter camshaft located high in the block, a design that yields high injection pressures and precise fuel metering.

M11 Engine

Cummins N14 (855 cu. in )
Model 9370 360 hp (268 kW)
Model 9380 400 hp (298 kW)
Model 9390 425 hp (317 kW)
QUADTRAC 360 hp (268 kW)

Nothing tops this engine design for brute size and power. The Cummins N14 engine converts 41% of its fuel energy to power, while the average diesel engine converts only 37% of the fuel energy to power and the balance to cooling and exhaust. This means the Cummins N14 provides real fuel savings. Reliability features include forged and induction-hardened camshafts with crowned rollers; a forged manganese steel crankshaft; an alloy cast-iron cylinder block with removable lower press-fit liners; and alloy-steel connecting rods.

N14 Engine

The Cummins engines used in the 9390 also features Step Timing Control (STC), a hydraulically controlled variable-timing system. STC adjusts fuel injection timing and controls cylinder pressures according to engine and load conditions, resulting in improved fuel economy, reduced white smoke and quicker response times.

Model Engine Displacement Horsepower Torque Rise Aspiration
9330 CASE 8.3L/505 cu. in. 240 engine
207 PTO (est)
(179/154 kW)
30% Turbocharged;
9350 Cummins 10.8L/661 cu. in. 310 engine
266 PTO (est)
(231/198 kW)
34% Turbocharged;
9370 Cummins 14.L/855 cu. in. 360 engine;
310 PTO (est.)
(268/231 kW)
35% Turbocharged;
9380 Cummins 14L/855 cu. in. 400 engine;
345 PTO (est.)
(298/257 kW)
37% Turbocharged;
9390 Cummins 14.L/855 cu. inc. 425 engine;
383 PTO (est.)
(317/286 kW)
32% Turbocharged;
QUADTRAC® Cummins 14.L/855 cu. in. 360 engine;
310 PTO (est)
(268/231 kW)
35% Turbocharged;

Case Corporation reserves the right to make improvements in design and changes in specifications at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation to install them on units previously sold. Availability of some models and equipment builds vary according to the country in which the equipment is used. The illustrations and text may include optional equipment and accessories and may not include all standard equipment. Your Case IH dealer/distributor will be able to give you details of the products and their specifications available in your area.

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