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Unlike conventional track tractors, the four-track design of QUADTRAC® tractor allows you to traverse virtually any type of terrain, while keeping tractor weight evenly distributed.


  • SELF-TENSIONING TRACKS adjust on-the-go for less maintenance and greater productivity.
  • TRACKS PIVOT 10 DEGREES UP AND DOWN—Pivoting means constant soil contact, greater flotation, less compaction, superior traction and the best ride in the industry.
  • SELF-CLEANING RUBBER BELTS—30" wide rubber belts are basically maintenance-free and require only 45 minutes to replace—that’s three to six times less than other track machines.
  • CENTER PULL DRAWBAR—Constant, even pressure on all four tracks provide maximum horsepower transfer to the ground.

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Case Corporation reserves the right to make improvements in design and changes in specifications at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation to install them on units previously sold. Availability of some models and equipment builds vary according to the country in which the equipment is used. The illustrations and text may include optional equipment and accessories and may not include all standard equipment. Your Case IH dealer/distributor will be able to give you details of the products and their specifications available in your area.

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